Support Jutta Shelter Animals

Jutta Shelter in a non-profit organisation, we receive no help from authorities so we rely entirely on the generosity of donors. 100% of your donations go straight to our rescue work and care of the animals, and we always ensure all donations are spent on what the animals need most. On behalf of all the animals, thank you very much for your donations and support. The Jutta Family cannot exist without your kindness.

Ways You Can Help

Make A Donation

Our preferred method of receiving donations is via Donorbox. Please consider supporting us via a monthly donation. This ongoing support ensures funds are available to care for the animals as they are needed. 

Donations can also be made via Paypal: to

Or you can wire transfer your donations directly to our bank account:


Bank name: Piraeus bank
Name: filozoikos sillogos ierapetras
IBAN: GR65 0172 7670 0057 6708 2773 743

In Kind Donations

Should you prefer to support us with in-kind donations we are always in need of the following items. 

  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Cat igloo beds
  • Kitten food
  • Puppy food

If you are scheduled to come to the Shelter please feel free to bring in-kind donations when you visit. It is also possible to send items by mail. Please use the following address to send in-kind donations by mail:

Shipping Address

Ioannis Pitikakis
72200 Ierapetra

Please note we cannot accept in kind donations from outside the European Union. If you are based in a country outside the EU we would greatly appreciate your support via a donation above. Please do NOT mail donation checks as our banks here in Greece cannot accept or cash them.

Spread The Word

Besides donating you can also help us by sharing our Facebook page and invite your friends to follow us. Please also share the link of our website on social media, share our video’s or special projects posted on Facebook with your friends, subscribe to our YouTube channel and share our video’s.  

About Us

Jutta Shelter is dedicated to helping stray, abandoned, neglected, and injured animals. The shelter is located on approximately 15,000 square meters of land with 90% accommodating shelters for the dogs and cats. We are currently caring for over 100 dogs and 90 cats, but this number changes each week.

Each month the shelter needs 2,500 euros for dog food, and over 3,000 euros for cat food. In addition Ioannis cooks fresh food for the sick and infirmed animals each day at a cost of over 1,000 euros per month. But the costs do not stop there, the shelter also has regular veterinary needs which can exceed thousands of euros per month depending on the animals we rescue and needs of the animals at the shelter.   

We are therefore very grateful for every donation and the assistance of all our supporters as we cannot continue our work without it. Thank you Jutta Family for all your help and support.also