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On behalf of all the animals in the Jutta Shelter we want to thank you very much for every donation (no amount is too small), it is deeply appreciated.

Who we are and what we do

About our Shelter

Many years ago a lovely lady called Jutta left her old life in Germany to start a beautiful life in Greece. From the moment she set foot on Crete ground she was overwhelmed with the suffering of the strays animals on the island. She started to feed the strays and give shelter to the rescued animals in her home.  Ioannis was already rescuing for many years the stray animals of Crete. Feeding them, providing them with medical care and giving  them shelter if needed in his own home. He was also active involved in animal welfare.

Ioannis Pitikakis and Jutta met each other at a stray animal event. From that moment they have a deep connection and their heart is in the same place.

Jutta shelter Kiko


Follow our Facebook page or watch our videos on YouTube to see the recent rescued animals. Perhaps one of these beautiful souls steals your heart or you completely fall in love with one, you might like to become a sponsor ♥ When you sponsor one of our animals you will be a member of the Jutta Family forever!
If you would like to sponsor you can make a monthly donation of € 10,- for a cat or a kitten. A monthly donation of € 20,- is needed to sponsor a dog or puppy.



By following our Facebook page, by sponsoring one of the animals or by making a donation to our shelter we welcome you and consider you as a member of the Jutta Family. We are so happy with every single person that is interested in, or in any way helps, the Jutta Shelter.
It is so much appreciated that we consider ourselves as one big Jutta Family ♥

Yes, you can always make a wire transfer. Please use the information below.

Bank name: Piraeus bank
Name: filozoikos sillogos ierapetras
IBAN: GR65 0172 7670 0057 6708 2773 743

Yes, you can. However, please note that for the safety and well-being of all our animals we have certain visiting hours every day and we have a limit to the amount of visitors per day.
Therefore, when you would like to visit the Jutta Shelter, please make an appointment via our Facebook page to book your visit in advance.


Yes. Feel free to bring in-kind donations when you visit the Jutta Shelter. It is also possible to send items by mail. Please do NOT mail donation checks as our banks here in Greece cannot accept or cash them.
You can use the following address to send in-kind donations by mail:

Ioannis Pitikakis
72200 Ierapetra

We are always in need of the following items:

• Dog food, dry or canned
• Cat food, dry or canned
• Food for puppies and kittens
• Collars and leashes
• Blankets
• Towels
• Bowls
• Dog bedding
• Grooming equipment
• Dog pee pads for sick and injured animals
• IATA-compliant animal carriers

Yes, you can. Please note we do NOT ship dogs or cats. All the adoptions have to be completed at the Jutta Shelter in person. You will have to come to the Jutta Shelter in Ierapetra in Crete and then take the dog or cat home with you.
It is very important that you meet your future new family member in person and that you choose each other. This is the first step in ensuring that you will have a long and happy life together!
If you have the intention to come to our shelter in order to adopt one of the animals please print the Adoption form, fill in all the questions and bring it with you to our shelter.


When you sponsor one of our animals you will be a member of the Jutta Family forever!
By following our Facebook page daily you see the recent rescued animals. If you would like to sponsor one of these animals you can make a monthly donation of € 10,- for a kitten or cat. A monthly donation of € 20,- is needed to sponsor a puppy or dog.
Let us know which animal you want to sponsor in the comments when you make the donation or send us a message on Facebook.

Yes. We regularly have special project. Last project was a new reliable car for Ioannis which he urgently needed. The shelter’s only car was 20 years old and about to break down for good. The shelter is away from the town and the only way to reach it is by car. Ioannis uses the car daily to fetch drinking water for the animals, buy food for the animals and supplies. It is used for vet visits and the all-important animal rescues. A GoFundMe campaign was raised by a wonderful member of the Jutta Family to help Ioannis to get a reliable vehicle.
New special projects will be announced on Facebook so please follow our Facebook page daily when you are interested in the special projects at the Jutta Shelter.
Feel free to start a GoFundMe campaign if you would like to help us!

Besides donating or sponsoring you can also help us a lot by sharing our Facebook page and invite your friends, share the link of our website on social media, share our video’s or special projects posted on Facebook with your friends, subscribe to our YouTube channel and share our video’s, visit us whenever you are in Crete and share your love for us with as many people as possible♥

Can't find your Question?

If you have any other questions or if you would like more  information please contact our shelter through our  Facebook page in order to get the fastest answer.


Adoption Stories

what we want to do

Our Goals

Our goals are to expand our adoption campaign so more and more animals in our shelter can find a forever, loving and safe home. We want to set up an education campaign to inform the locals as much as possible about animal welfare. Hopefully we can change their mindset about animals in generality and we will find less abandoned animals here on the island. We strongly believe that starting spay and neutering campaigns is most important. Since the problem with strays is so big and there are still so many stray animals we think we can reduce the amount of stray animals by setting up spay and neutering campaigns together with volunteer veterinarians.
Last but not least we want to start fundraising campaigns to achieve all our goals but also to be able to continue the shelter and provide a good, safe and warm place for the animals that are rescued.


  • A New Home

    Finding new homes for our animals so they will have a life they deserve

  • Education

    Inform about animal welfare and reduce the amount of abandoned animals

  • Spay & neutering

    Spay and neutering to reduce the growth of stray animals

  • Fundraising

    Raise money to help each and every animal and to achieve our goals

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Meet our Team



My name is Ioannis Pitikakis.
I have been involved in animal welfare for over 22 years.
My philosophy is that all animals deserve to live with dignity, safety and in freedom.
They need friendship and real love and should always be respected. To be able to rescue so many animals and to help and
take care of them gives an unbelievable rewarding feeling.



I started to volunteer on Jutta Shelter’s social media on October 2020. Their social media was just starting, even though the shelter has been running for many years. It was exciting to be able to give the shelter and its animals exposure to a wide audience, making people aware of their work. Since then, the number of supporters just keeps growing. We fondly call them “Jutta family”. After being deeply involved with the shelter on a daily basis, I decided to go and volunteer on site for a few months. It was a wonderful enriching experience that I’ll never forget. Meeting all the animals I had grown to love and helping in the shelter daily was very fulfilling. I will continue to be a part of Jutta shelter’s background team. 



In the summer of 2021 we visited Jutta shelter. Immediately my heart went out to all the good and important work that Ioannis and his team are doing day after day. 
When I was back in Holland I got together with my good friend Monica and with Marco from WP Provider. We decided to create this Jutta website free of charge.
We will be working behind the scenes to give support to the Jutta shelter.

“Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make a change”

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Jutta Shelter 
Ioannis Pitikakis
72200 Ierapetra

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Visiting hours are by appointment via our Facebook page

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